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NEW! Round Adventure Magnets!


FUN ON YOUR FRIDGE—These 3" round magnets will bring a smile to your face every time! Sold as a set of four frolicking designs. $12, with free shipping. 

A Whale of a Magnet!


Can you picture these frisky whales playing on YOUR fridge (or wherever you get "magnetized.") These bold and colorful magnets measure 5.5" x 4.25". They are thick (.4mm) and sturdy with a glossy finish. And they are water-resistant!

ADVENTURE MAGNETS — $3.25 each, with free shipping


Back of postcard
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to customize your order, you may do so by typing in your information under the "add an order note" section in the "checkout" pane. For example, if you wanted 3 of the bear postcards and 3 of the whale postcards, (versus 1 of each design) you would indicate it there. You are still limited to six for $5 (unless you multiply your order!), but you can mix and match using this method. 

Clicking on "checkout" will take you to this window, pictured below. Simply add your order note, as depicted by the red arrow.
screen shot order NOTE.png
STICKERS! $6 a dozen.
You will receive one of each design plus 3 random duplicates.
These 3.25" round semi-gloss stickers are bright and bold, printed on high-quality paper stock that's perfect for indoor applications. Stick 'em on water bottles, notebooks, mirrors, and glass windows or whatever floats your boat! (inside please as they are not waterproof)
All artwork copyright Rebecca Rothman

Download our FREE coloring pages!

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