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The Gallery 

My relationship with the Inside Passage never ends. It simply takes more twists and turns as I go deeper into the landscape. There's nothing quite like peering through the lens of a camera and being lost in your world to bring you into the moment! My sea journeys give me a heightened awareness, fully engaging my senses to notice all of nature's details. I hope you enjoy this visual journey as seen through my lens--and experienced through my heart. Check out my book Wildly Inside, A Visual Journey Through the Inside Passage for a close-up look at the beauty of one of my favorite places on earth. And be sure to visit my Instagram page for more imagery. 


Click the video to the left for a professionally produced 15-minute documentary. Special thanks to Stephen Vittoria of Deep Image LA and Princess Cruises for featuring me as part of their award-winning NORTH TO ALASKA program

Click the video to the left to watch my book trailer for Inside.

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