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"Outdoor gear for outdoor adventures par excellence!"


What does that mean? It means I have the privilege of collaborating with one of the world’s top expedition gear manufacturers. It means I get to spread my passion of adventure and the great outdoors with behind-the-scenes support. It means I get to use—and abuse—some of the best outdoor adventure gear that’s out there. And it means so much more. It’s a role that I take seriously with a responsibility that motivates me to keep moving forward with my vision to take my books to the international level they deserve.

EXPED is a Swiss company, based in Zurich. Tacoma houses their ancillary team of U.S. experts who design, test, market, and deliver the highest quality, award-winning gear for the adventurer in all of us. Not just paddlers! 

EXPED has been a big part of my life, on many levels, since 2009. What began as a serendipitous encounter on a remote island in British Columbia, has magically morphed into a friendship and a collaboration to further spread our shared passions of adventure and the great outdoors. When INSIDE launched in May 2016, EXPED and I embarked on a different sort of adventure together—an adventure that brings new attention and awareness to what we are both already doing. I am above and beyond proud to be an EXPED Ambassador, a sponsored athlete for their award-winning brand. Other than the time I slammed a volleyball down the throat of a 6'3" man who was encroaching on my turf from the other side of the net, I've never been referred to as an athlete! This is pretty big deal for me! You see, my Inside Passage journey didn't end when my bow scraped up on the shores of Juneau, Alaska. The unfolding journey, and subsequent chapters if you will, entail executing and maintaining a wildly successful book tour. My vision is to continue to share my stories, images, and messages with the world. Thanks to EXPED, and their trusting vision to join me in this project, I am deep in the throes of this ongoing adventure! 


The same passion and excitement that brought me through the Inside Passage in a long, skinny kayak is the same passion and excitement that allows me to speak in detail about my belief in and the efficacy of EXPED's products. Life's a journey—live it wildly! And check out EXPED's products. You'll thank me later!


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Thanks, Exped, for making sleeping on the ground a whole lot more FUN! This video features some of my favorite campsites.

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