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THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IS CHANGE.” This is so true. Nothing is static. We never paddle the same stretch of river or coastline twice, as the water is always changing, ebbing, and flowing, like our lives and our bodies—and our stories.

I am elated to share the launch of my story—the NEW & IMPROVED EDITION of Inside: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage!!!! I’ve been privileged to work with a talented team of designers and publishing consultants to rebirth my debut memoir, originally published in 2016. Of course, it’s the same seafaring story (with a snazzy new look) where readers will delight in the generosity of strangers, and share in my joy as I discover the courage and deep gratitude that comes from experiencing the best and the worst of nature and humanity. In addition to the spicy new cover, I’ve tweaked the interior design, updated the resources, and added a few pages, among other things.

I have so appreciated all of your love, encouragement, and support since INSIDE was first released in May 2016. It’s been a wet ‘n wild ride and I’m astounded at how the journey has unfolded and continues to take twists and turns. Thank you for buying/borrowing/lending/sharing my book! Thank you for reviewing it. Thank you for letting me know how it makes you feel! Thank you for listening to my interviews and podcasts, for tagging me and my books on social media, for taking the time to do all these things, and more. OCEANS OF GRATITUDE. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Share this new edition of my firstborn. Tell all your peeps. Buy another copy if your wallet allows. Rereading the book may reveal new undercurrents, connections, and details! Ask your local bookstore to stock it. Write a review—they are SO important to the esoteric algorithms, that, in a sense, control the book’s ratings. 

You can purchase a personally inscribed copy via my website, or on on Amazon. (again, ask your local bookstore to stock it!) 

Special kudos to Rose Friel with Foreword Literary Consulting who has helped immensely in navigating this new publishing path and Danna Steele with Dearly Creative who designed the new cover, and Alexa Statzer, who helped who mastermind this exciting new phase of my writing and publishing career AND speaks "Amazon." (Any authors out there know how ginormous this is!!!!) I'm so thankful—and relieved that my 300+ five-star reviews were successfully transferred from the original title to this one. Have a scroll through some of those stellar reviews if you are so inclined, and please consider leaving your own if you haven't already done so. BOATLOADS OF THANKS!!

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