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Kid's Book Goes Hardcover!

HO HO HO: My Christmas wish came early this year! "Inside my Sea of Dreams: The Adventures of Kami and Suz" is now available in a beautiful, glossy, color-saturated hardcover format! I'm offering it at a discounted price of $15.95 through December 21st. (regular price will be the same as the softcover—$18.95)

New with this edition, thanks to illustrator extraordinaire Rebecca Rothman are coloring pages and "Words to Know" for the little adventurers. Bold and colorful, this inspirational story is sure to capture the imagination of all ages.

In this picture book adaptation of "Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage," we follow the dream of a little girl’s big adventure in a tiny kayak. A talking kayak? A dreaming child? Yes! Together they encounter magic and mayhem on a journey through a breathtaking land of challenge and reward: the Inside Passage. All ages will learn how we are all capable of anything—and that we will always reach our destination—if we simply believe.


When choosing a book to share with a child, there is nothing better than a good adventure, especially one based on a true story—mine!


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