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My Kid's Book is KickStarting!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

When choosing a book to share with a child, there is nothing better than a good adventure, especially one based on a true story—mine!

"Inside my Sea of Dreams: The Adventures of Kami and Suz" is going live, via KickStarter, this Tuesday, September 14th.

In this picture book adaptation of "Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage," we follow the dream of a little girl’s big adventure in a tiny kayak. A talking kayak? A dreaming child? YES! Together they encounter magic and mayhem on a journey through a breathtaking land of challenge and reward. Come along for the ride through one of the greatest waterways in western North America: The Inside Passage! All ages will learn that we are all capable of anything—and will always reach our destination—if we simply believe. For a quick preview of the Kickstarter project, click HERE. You can learn more about the project, including all the ways YOU can help make this dream a reality, when it goes live on Tuesday. Please note: This KickStarter will run for TWO weeks. Pledging via KickStarter gives you first dibs to receive the book(s) when it first comes off the press, along with any optional add-ons you may have pledged for (postcards, stickers, coloring pages, etc). After this campaign is over, it will then become available through my website, online sources, and your favorite bookstore! A ginormous shout-out to my insanely talented illustrator, Rebecca Rothman! Without her creativity and ability to truly "get" my vision, this book would not have been possible.

A few of our favorite scenes from the book!

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