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Ting Tar Tid (Things Take Time)

Ting Tar Tid. These three words speak volumes to my recent podcast experience—and life in general. These three words are Norwegian. Translation: "things take time." My dear friend Kaj Bune (also brand advisor at EXPED) turned me on to this saying a couple of years ago, just before my book became a tangible reality. It was his charmingly subtle way of coaching me to have patience.

I'm a goal-oriented person. A younger me had this goal of paddling the Inside Passage. Check. I eventually set the goal of writing a book. Check. Find a publisher. Check. I wanted to travel the U.S. and Canada sharing my stories and images with anyone who would listen. Check. Then I decided I wanted to bust into the podcast scene. I wanted my story to be told audibly and I wanted to go deeper than what I wrote in my memoir. I wanted to change things up a bit, and of course, I wanted it all to happen overnight. I wanted to push the fast-forward button and make it a reality right here, right now.

Ting Tar Tid. All good things take time.

Let's press the rewind button to April 20th of last year. I'm just wrapping up an author event in Eugene, Oregon. People are slowly filing out of the room, and out of the corner of my eye, I notice a young woman patiently waiting as I sign the last few books and answer questions at the back of the venue. After everyone is gone she approaches the table and introduces herself as Amy. This lovely woman tells me about her friend Willow Belden who runs a podcast called Out There and how she thinks my story would be a great fit. She had my undivided attention. A few days later, Amy digitally introduces Willow and I to each other. And so began a magical relationship and the first big lunge toward my new goal.

Turns out good things take time. Willow agreed that my story was indeed a good fit for her show but she was extremely busy publishing upcoming episodes and my hectic touring season had officially begun. But I never stopped thinking about this opportunity and allowed a myriad of ideas to churn in my mind. Eventually Willow and I fleshed out a more detailed plan and I started writing the script for our podcast. In October I had a pretty strong draft fleshed out. In November we did some test recordings and in December we recorded what would be, after Willow's expert editing, the final product. The podcast went live on January 18th!!

Nine months from when the first seed was planted. Ting Tar Tid.

I learned so much in this process and Willow helped bring my thoughts and words together in a deep, resonating way. She guided me to go deeper into the inner journey and that resulted in portraying a side of me that I don't typically put out there in my social media platforms. And, not surprisingly, an underlying message of patience is woven into my story!

Below are some links if you'd like to tune in!

Podcast. Check. Stay tuned for my next big goal with "INSIDE"!!!

What's happening in your life's journey that you so desperately want to press the fast-forward button on?

My advice? Ting Tar Tid. Don't rush a good thing!


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